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With Poly, Google makes it easier to build for VR, AR

The new tool is a library of downloadable 3D objects and scenes for use in virtual- or augmented-reality apps.


Some of the 3D objects and scenes available on Google's new Poly platform. 

Google/Screenshot by CNET

Creating a serene garden of AR flowers to put in your app? Google on Wednesday launched a tool that will make finding the right 3D objects easier.

Poly is a one-stop shop for browsing, discovering and downloading 3D objects and scenes that was built from the ground up with augmented and virtual reality development in mind, Google says. There are already thousands of objects to choose from, including the eight in the screenshot above.

The platform is integrated with Tilt Brush and Blocks -- Google's VR painting and sculpting apps -- and work in platforms ranging from Google's own ARCore or Apple's ARKit.

The tools, for now anyway, are targeted at developers more than consumers. But making it easier to create for AR and VR translates to more and better Pokemon Go-like apps for you to choose from on your phone.