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Poll: Would you buy a Wolverine USB drive?

Is there no limit to what movie fans will collect? You can't blame tech players for trying to cash in too.

Disclosure: This is a shameless excuse to put an image of Hugh Jackman (well, Wolverine) on our website. But we've started seeing so many USB products tied in with movies and TV shows it got us thinking: if we take a second look at products with celebrity tie-ins, will you?

OK, the new "X-Men Origins Wolverine" Special Edition DataTraveler 101 has special packaging, and the trailer, wallpaper and an IM icon preloaded, but it's a USB flash drive at the end of the day. Storage is important, sure, but up there with mouse pads, a more boring, generic tech product you could not find. Nary a blinking on/off light even!

We kind of understand the tie-ins with Disney and other comic book characters for the younger set. If you've got primary school-aged kids attending classmates' birthday parties every weekend, sensibly-priced hot trinkets would be a god-send. But this X-Men Origins Wolverine 8GB thumb drive will set you back $39.95 — hardly something you'd buy to gift to anyone but your nearest and dearest.

Still, where there's a buck to be made and a licensing fee to collect, we're bound to see more of these to come. Our poll last year on whether people buy products they see in movies seemed to indicate that product placement has no huge impact. Does slapping a logo or movie title on a product work, then? Take our poll above or leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

By the way, if you do rush out and buy this drive before 19 May, there's a secret-decoder ring element thrown in for good measure — actually a registration code that allows you to go to a special website to cleverly answer a question and possibly win some prizes! Wolverine fans can get their claws on the details at

Will a Kingston DataTraveler 101 Special Edition X-Men Origins: Wolverine flash drive bring you one step closer to your dormant superpowers? (Credit: Kingston Technology)