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Poll: Will you buy the Palm Pre?

With the press giving the Palm Pre favorable reviews, Crave polls its readers to see if more people will now buy the smartphone.

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Will you buy the Palm Pre?
Now that the reviews are out and they've been largely favorable, are you going to get a Palm Pre?

Still on the fence
Going to wait till the next-gen devices
Going to wait till it comes to another carrier

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The Palm Pre goes on sale nationwide this Saturday, with some lucky Sprint Premier customers getting theirs on Friday. However, a majority of tech journalists have had the Pre since late last week and posted their reviews on Wednesday night.

The response to the Pre has been largely favorable. Some have said I was too hard on the device; I do have my issues with it, the battery life in particular (even with its user-replaceable battery), and felt it was only fair to point them out.

However, my overall impression of the Pre is a good one, and at the end of the day, I think the Pre is a remarkable device due to the Palm webOS and its multitasking capabilities and synergy function. It's the most compelling iPhone competitor yet.

Other media outlets were impressed by the Pre as well, and the general opinion was that while the hardware could use some work, Palm did a bang-up job with its new operating system and did an amazing job for a first-gen device.

David Pogue of The New York Times called the Pre a "spectacular achievement. Zero to 60 in one version." Engadget said, "There's no doubt that there's room for improvement in webOS and its devices, but there's also an astounding amount of things that Palm nails out of the gate.", which also called the Pre "incredible," has a nice roundup of the various reviews around the Web that you can check out.

So, with all these positive reviews, we're curious if anyone's changed their mind about the Pre, particularly those who were on the fence. Will you buy the Pre? Take our quick poll here and please leave a comment about why or why not. We'd love to hear your thoughts.