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Poll: Where will Twitter's stock trade six months from now?

Once Twitter gets a couple of quarters under its belt as a public company, will we be talking about a stock darling or bete noir?

James Martin/CNET
Everyone remembers the disaster that was Facebook's initial public offering. But Twitter is not Facebook. Remember how just prior to Facebook's IPO, execs issued a cautious forecast about sales growth as a result of the user shift toward mobile devices, which is harder to monetize. Also, you had Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter for the deal, telling its clients that it was reducing revenue forecasts for Facebook.

It wasn't Facebook's fault, but the IPO also was affected by trading glitches which delayed the start of trading by 30 minutes. The $38 IPO price wouldn't be revisited for a year as the stock headed south and would eventually fall by 50 percent, dropping under $19 before starting on its long rebound.

No such whispers of similar trouble are looming for Twitter's IPO. The company's Wall Street briefings haven't led to speculation of surprise troubles ahead. Meanwhile, the NYSE did a dry run of the Twitter offering to make sure the systems can handle the load and avoid the sort of embarrassment which ultimately cost the Nasdaq a $10 million fine and no shortage of red faces.

Still, it's anyone's guess whether Twitter will rocket during its opening or get weighted down in the event of a pump and dump. But predicting minute-by-minute, or day-by-day, trading isn't our strong suit, so let's broaden the horizon. Once the company gets a couple of quarters under its belt as a publicly traded corporation, where do you think Twitter's stock price will be six months hence? Take our poll -- and don't forget to add your voice to the conversation in the talkback section.