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Poll: What's your favorite iPhone 4 feature?

OK, so the gyroscope and outer-band antenna aren't all that exciting. But what about the HD video recorder? The faster processor? Vote for the most "schwing"-worthy new feature.

The new iPhone packs an awful lot of high-falutin' hardware into an even slimmer case. Apple

Now that you've had a little time to let all the iPhone 4 news sink in, it's time for an important question: what's the one new feature that really made your day?

Was it the long-rumored front-facing video camera? The bigger battery? Maybe you're jazzed about the new apps such as iMovie for on-device video editing and Netflix for iPad-style streaming movies.

Vote in our poll, then hit the comments to talk up all the features you're excited about--and the ones you were hoping for that didn't make the cut. (No free MobileMe? Rats!).

Personally, I'm geeked about the higher-resolution camera and video recorder. I'm already using my iPhone for everyday photo and video duties, and a bump in quality would definitely be welcome.