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CNET asks: Which games would you like to play on the SNES Mini?

The classics are making a comeback, and we want to know what Super Nintendo games you would like to have in the mini version of this rumored console.

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If you were disappointed to see that Nintendo discontinued the coveted NES classic, we have good news!

Rumor has it that we will get more memory-lane trips, but now it's Super Nintendo time -- the 16-bit home console that arrived to North America in 1991 and gave us a ton of classic titles like Super Mario World, the very first Mario Kart, Street Fighter II and many more. It's being revamped into a mini version (check out our wish list) just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Since this is another big nostalgia trip, we want to know what our readers want to play on the upcoming SNES mini. Please pick your favorite video game in the poll below, and in a few weeks we will make a Top 5 video with the results of your voting.

Remember that you can always add your reasons why in our comments section. Thank you for sharing!