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Poll: Is the T-Mobile G1 a must-have gadget?

The first Google Android smartphone is out, but are you going to get the T-Mobile G1? Take our poll. Poll

T-Mobile G1: Hot or not?
Will you run out to get the first Google Android phone?

I already preordered one.
Heck, yeah. I'm on my way to T-Mobile now.
No, thanks.
I'm waiting for other Android devices.

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There's been plenty of buzz and anticipation over the T-Mobile G1, dating back to the day when Google Android was first announced and the smartphone was known as the HTC Dream. What would the Android platform offer? What would the Google phone look like? Could it be better than the iPhone?

Well, we got our answer a few days ago, along with a number of other tech sites (check out TG Daily for a nice roundup), and I think it'd be fair to say we all came away with the same general consensus: lackluster design and not quite ready for mass consumption, but huge potential for the Android platform.

That's just our take on it though, and now, we want to hear from you. With the G1 officially on sale at T-Mobile stores nationwide and online, we want to know how many of you will be buying the device or taking a pass.

Take our simple poll here--and in our talk-back section, please share your reasons for why or why not you're going to get the G1. Also, G1 owners, I'll be asking for your help in a couple of weeks to find out what you like and don't like about your smartphone, so take note.