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Poll: iPad Mini, iPad Air? What to call a small iPad?

The name "iPad" was once a point of mockery before it was a huge success. Can the name of a smaller iPad possibly carry as much weight?

It's coming. But what will it be called? Twitter/SonnyDickson

It seems hard to believe now, but a few years ago the notion that Apple might actually release a device with a clunky name like the "iPad" was openly mocked -- until it came to dominate the category of consumer technology that it created nearly by itself.

Now, the smaller iPad that Apple is expected to announce at a media event tomorrow is stirring similar discussions.

The anticipated 7.8-inch slate with specs comparable to the second-generation iPad has been most commonly referred to as the "iPad Mini" in the onslaught of rumors over the past six months. But we've also heard that it might be called the "iPad Air" in a nod to its MacBook cousin.

Personally, I'd love to see Apple go in a totally new direction with this new tablet. Why not the iNapkin? Or, given the fact that a smaller iPad is likely to douse the Kindle Fire's momentum in the lower end of the market, how about the iMoist Towlette? Yea, that's definitely the ticket.

What's your bet on what the new, smaller iPad will be called? Vote in the poll, and suggest other names we might see in the comments.