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CNET asks: Where do you stand on delivery drones?

Drone delivery services are being tested around the world. If it were available today, would you welcome it or shoot it down?

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UPS just recently showed off its drone delivery service being deployed from one of its delivery trucks. Amazon has been testing this service for quite some time and successfully delivered its first Prime Air order in December, and more companies are testing their delivery services around the world.

When delivery drone news is reported, our community's opinions are always divided, as some folks welcome it with open arms while others scoff at it, swearing to shoot one down if it were to pass by their property. Others are concerned with logistics, safety and everything in between.

Now for once, let's forget the logistics and what barriers the government has in store to keep this from happening. The question is, if drone deliveries were available today, would you welcome this form of delivery in your neighborhood? Weigh in on the polls and let's see where you stand with delivery drones. Looking forward to the poll results as well as reading your responses in the comments.