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Polk's affordable Signature Series speakers offer distinctive bass-port design

Polk's latest set of speakers start at a very reasonable $199.

Polk has outlined its newest line of affordable speakers, called the Signature Series, with prices starting at $199 -- and they're a step up from the entry-level T series.

The new collection includes three sets of floorstanders, two center channels and three bookshelf speakers. All of the speakers are between $200 and $900.


The Signature Series and T series share a similar design -- especially when it comes to details such as the text surrounding the tweeter -- but the most distinctive part about the Signature floorstanders is the peeled-back Power Port. This "x-ray" port in some ways resembles the Yamaha YST logo, or for you brass-section types, a trumpet mute, and it is designed to eliminate distortion and improve bass extension.

The entire range includes 1-inch Terylene tweeters and mica-reinforced polypropylene woofer cones and are fitted with anti-diffraction magnetic grills.

The range consists of the S60 ($898), S55 ($658) and S50 ($498) floorstanders; the S35 ($498) and S30 ($448) center channel speakers; the S20 ($299) and S15 ($229) bookshelves, and the S10 ($199) bookshelves. All prices are for a pair.

The range will be available in the US in September or October, with UK and Australian pricing and availability yet to be announced. The US prices, converted, range from roughly £150 to £680, or AU$265 to AU$1,195, though expect final pricing to be considerably different.