You May Still Have Time to Vote Early. The Deadlines for Every State

Early voting for Election Day has closed for many states, but some are still letting residents vote today. Check to see what your state is doing.

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See if your state offers early voting.

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Early voting is still open in many states for residents ahead of tomorrow's Election Day, Nov. 8. If voting early in person has ended in your state, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to cast your vote. So far, more than 39 million ballots have been cast.

Some states, like Michigan and Illinois, started letting residents vote early in September. Others, however, like Alabama, are not offering early voting this year. Note that some counties in your state may not offer early voting, so it's best to check with your local election office.

Also, if you're not sure if you're registered to vote, here's how to check and everything you need to bring with you to your polling place. Here's when early voting starts and ends for your state.

Early voting per state

StateEarly voting startsEarly voting ends
Alabama No early votingNo early voting
Alaska Oct. 24Nov. 7
Arizona Oct. 12Nov. 4
Arkansas Oct. 17Nov. 4
California Oct. 10Nov. 7
Colorado Oct. 24Nov. 8
Connecticut No early votingNo early voting
District of Columbia Oct. 31Nov. 6
Delaware Oct. 28Nov. 6
Florida Oct. 29Nov. 5
Georgia Oct. 17Nov. 4
Hawaii Oct. 25Nov. 7
Idaho Oct. 24Nov. 4
Illinois Sept. 29Nov. 7
Indiana Oct. 12Nov. 7
Iowa Oct. 19Nov. 7
Kansas Oct. 19Nov. 7
Kentucky Nov. 3Nov. 5
Louisiana Oct. 25Nov. 1
Maine Oct. 9Nov. 3
Maryland Oct. 27Nov. 3
Massachusetts Oct. 22Nov. 4
Michigan Sept. 29Nov. 7
Minnesota Sept. 23Nov. 7
Mississippi No early votingNo early voting
Missouri No early votingNo early voting
Montana Oct. 11Nov. 7
Nebraska Oct. 11Nov. 7
Nevada Oct. 22Nov. 4
New Hampshire No early votingNo early voting
New Jersey Oct. 29Nov. 5
New Mexico Oct. 11Nov. 5
New York Oct. 29Nov. 6
North Carolina Oct. 20Nov. 5
North Dakota Sept. 29Nov. 7
Ohio Oct. 12Nov. 7
Oklahoma Nov. 2Nov. 5
Oregon Mail-in voting onlyMail-in voting only
Pennsylvania Varies by countyMust be dropped off by Nov. 1
Rhode Island Oct. 19Nov. 7
South Carolina Oct. 5Nov. 2
South Dakota Oct. 24Nov. 5
Tennessee Oct. 19Nov. 3
Texas Oct. 24Nov. 4
Utah Oct. 25Nov. 4
Vermont Varies by countyNov. 7
Virginia Sept. 24Nov. 5
Washington Varies by countyNov. 7
West Virginia Oct. 26Nov. 5
Wisconsin Oct. 25Nov. 6
Wyoming Sept. 23Nov. 7