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Zuckerberg wouldn't beat Trump in election, poll says

Commentary: A new poll declares that several Democrats would beat the president, but Facebook's CEO would not.

 Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Delivers Commencement Address At Harvard

Tied with Trump? 

Paul Marotta / Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg has recently been wandering around America, meeting real people

They're different, you see, from those who work in Silicon Valley. 

Some commentators believe the Facebook CEO's regal visitathon is a precursor to him announcing political ambitions. A new poll offers sobering news, should that be the case. 

According to Public Policy Polling's survey of 836 registered voters between July 14 and 17, Zuckerberg wouldn't beat President Donald Trump in an election. The two were tied, both enjoying a 40 percent score.

The pollsters point out that Zuckerberg isn't well-known nationally. Forty-seven percent of respondents declared they had no opinion of him. Those who had feelings about him, 29 percent were negative and 24 percent were positive.

Zuckerberg certainly doesn't give the impression of having a politician's persona. 

I find it hard to imagine him whipping up a crowd with uplifting speeches about, say, making America great again. Or even about government-by-robot being the one, true way to happiness.

Still, he's famous for dedicating each year to taking on a new personal challenge. Who could forget the Year Of Only Eating Meat He'd Personally Killed? Perhaps he could take 12 months to master public oratory. 

Neither Facebook nor the White House immediately responded to a request for comment. The survey, however, offered that several Democrats would do a lot of winning if pitted against the president. 

Former President Barack Obama would apparently win 53-40. Former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would be victorious by 49-42. Former Vice President Joe Biden (54-39) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (52-39) would both win bigly. 

These are all hypotheticals. People tend to behave very differently when confronted with realities. They might say one thing to a survey or, indeed, on Facebook. They'll do quite another when they're alone with their ballot paper.

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