How to help Afghan refugees and families during the crisis

The Taliban takeover has caused havoc in Afghanistan, with many citizens fearing for their lives. Here are some organizations helping out.

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Afghan citizens flee to the airport in an attempt to leave the country.

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The last of the US planes flew out of Afghanistan on Monday, marking the end of a 20-year war, the Associated Press reported. More than 100,000 American citizens and partners and Afghan citizens were evacuated in the last two weeks as a result of the Taliban takeover.

Last week, two bombings at Kabul airport killed more than 100 Afghans and 13 US service members. The attacks, blamed on terrorist group ISIS-K, targeted US military members and Afghan citizens attempting to leave the country

Many Afghan citizens are fearful for their lives and of what the Taliban takeover could mean for their country. Refugees from Afghanistan have left everything behind and are in need of a safe place to live, as well as essentials such as food and water. Multiple organizations are accepting donations to help meet those needs as more Afghan citizens seek asylum in other countries.

If you'd like to do something, we've gathered a list of organizations helping out. Make sure to always vet a charity organization before you donate any money. We'll continue to update this story.

Organizations helping Afghanistan

  • The UN Refugee Agency is accepting donations to help provide protection, shelter, clean water and health care for Afghans in need.
  • CARE is a nongovernmental organization that's providing food, water, shelter and protection to displaced families. You can donate to its Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund, which includes cross-border support for refugees.
  • The International Rescue Committee is working in Afghanistan to deliver aid to those in need. It's accepting donations to provide emergency cash assistance and protection services for internally displaced people in Kabul.
  • Church World Service has issued an emergency appeal to raise $400,000 to provide housing, food and transportation support for refugees upon arrival in the US. You can sign up to sponsor a family.
  • The Child Foundation is raising money to help feed families in Afghanistan. It's also accepting donations to help refugees.
  • Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan refugees in properties listed on its site around the world.

Volunteer to help refugees in the US

Local organizations will need help getting refugees from Afghanistan settled as they arrive in the US. Not only can you donate to the organizations but you can also provide services. For instance, organizations like Homes Not Borders, located near Washington, DC, could use volunteers to help move furniture, set up homes and teach carpentry and woodworking to newly arrived refugees.

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