Facebook is keeping voters informed, using info from the candidates themselves

Facebook unveiled its Candidate Info feature, which lets people running for office answer questions and represent themselves.

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Look for this pop-up in your News Feed.


Why rely on campaign info shared by your Facebook friends when you can get the word straight from the source's mouth?

On Thursday, Facebook unveiled its Candidate Info feature, which lets you hear about political platforms from the people running for federal, state and local positions. Candidates will share posts and videos explaining why they're running for office, what policies they care about, and what they hope to do if elected.

You can find the Candidate Info feature in your news feed, or by selecting the "2018 Election" option in the menu of the Facebook app.

Facebook hopes that by introducing this feature, it'll be easier for people to compare candidates before Election Day.

Facebook has made an effort to prepare itself and users for the 2018 midterm election. After Facebook's controversial role in the 2016 election, the social media giant has been cracking down on fake news and misinformation. Facebook has reportedly banned false voting information ahead of the midterm election, and even has a "war room" set up to combat fake news.

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