Claim that viral video shows 'Taliban helicopter hanging' debunked

Also: Military dogs weren't abandoned in Afghanistan.

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Misinformation from Afghanistan continues to spread on social media.

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On Monday, a video circulated on social media that shows a man hanging from a helicopter in Afghanistan. Some people wrongly inferred that the Taliban had taken possession of the aircraft and used it for a public execution. In reality, the person in the video is alive, according to a Tuesday fact-check report from the BBC. 

The clip in question isn't of a person being hanged, but rather someone who was hoisted by the aircraft to place a Taliban flag on a building, the BBC said. An additional video shows that the man is waving his hands and being held by a strap around his midsection. 

The original 11-second video has been viewed millions of times on Twitter. 

Another story spreading on Twitter is that US military forces abandoned service dogs when they exited the country. But on Tuesday, a Pentagon spokesperson told People that all military dogs were evacuated

Twitter didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.