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Politician's Facebook shower shot

Daisy Tourne, Uruguay's interior minister, put a picture of herself in the shower on Facebook. Other politicians are in a terrible lather about it.

"There nothing more natural than a woman in the shower," Uruguay's interior minister, Daisy Tourne, told Montevideo's El Pais newspaper.

That's apparently why she put a picture of herself performing her morning ablutions on her Facebook page.

Well, I suppose we all have our own ideas of what is the most natural thing on Earth. But Tourne's shower scene showed nothing more than her bare face and arms. Not even a hint of areola for Facebook to be upset about.

And the most natural thing for some male Uruguayan politicians was to besmirch Tourne's character. Former Vice President Luis Hierro Lopez told El Pais: "I think it's in very bad taste that the minister exposes herself so intimately."

The country's president, Tabare Vazquez, poured a little cold water on the supposed scandal: "I log on to the Internet. But in general I don't have much time for these things."

One assumes that by "these things," he means searching for pictures of ministers washing themselves after a rugged hike, a mud-wrestling match, or a mean-spirited debate with duplicitous politicians.

No, this is not the interior minister. It's just another woman in a shower. CC Nyki M

Tourne, meanwhile, has decided to fight back in a manner that surely deserves a cascade of applause. Please read the Spanish version taken from her Facebook page (and quoted in El Pais) and feel the heat: "Cuantos insultos, desprecios, miserias, crueldades vivimos por ser diferentes?"

A loose translation for you: "Do we all have to suffer like battery turkeys at Thanksgiving, like anyone forced to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop and like Boy George in jail for being just a little different?"

Then she cries out loud to those trying to make political capital out of her Facebooked facewashing frankness: "...atras de la aparente correccion politica hay una montana de fantasias eroticas reprimidas en esas cabecitas".

More translating looseness: "Behind our supposed political correctness there there is a stinky pile of naughty, naughty, dirty, disgusting, filthy fantasies scurrying around the dumb little repressed heads of my critics."

So, as we head to a new administration in the United States, there remains only one question: what would Hillary do?