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Politician on Facebook: Anime proof that two nukes weren't enough

A New Hampshire state representative apologizes after offering his feelings for anime in an interesting post on Facebook.

It must be a relief to many that our petty indiscretions, those that appear online and seem to haunt us daily, will soon become so normal as to be irrelevant.

It must be a particular relief to Nick Levasseur, a Democratic New Hampshire state representative, who, according the Huffington Post, used Facebook to offer his rather strong views on anime. Reports failed to record why Levasseur is so pained by the rather beautiful Japanese style of animation.

However, he is reported to have written on his Facebook page these rather difficult words: "Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just wasn't enough."

These reports appear to be believable, as Levasseur has issued a statement apologizing for the offensive post, if not for his lack of taste.

"I would like to deeply apologize for the insensitivity of this post. It was a poorly thought out comment, posted in jest on my private Facebook page," he said.

When comments like this emerge, what always seems lost is the identity of the person who happened to take Levasseur's words to a wider audience. However, a site called RedHampshire.com claimed that this wasn't a mere comment, but, in fact, Levasseur's status update.

Isn't the deepest principle of a politician--and I know not many of their principles leave the shallow end of the thought pool--that of being very slightly careful about what you might say to whom. And where.

Don't politicians know that Mark Zuckerberg has declared privacy dead? Don't they realize what is going on? And now, so soon after this alleged jest, there is already a Facebook group, with the frightfully restrained and almost poetic name "Why Nickolas Levasseur, just why?"