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Political sites fun and informative

Presidential hopefuls are jumping on the Net in a bid to attract voters for the 1996 election. You can download sound bites from the First Cat, Socks, and Bob Dole followers can design their own campaign posters.

President Clinton and other presidential candidates are using the Internet for both serious and amusing exposure before the 1996 election.

The White House site includes Family Life at the White House and sound bites and photos of Socks, the First Cat.

At Senator Bob Dole's site you can design campaign posters, send friends Bob Dole postcards, and download Dole screensavers.

Conservative Republican candidate Alan Keyes offers speech scripts and background information at his site. Voters can also purchase the Best of Alan Keyes video and Alan Keyes T-shirts. For more on online politics, read CNET's story, politicians get wired for Campaign '96, and visit politics on the Net for a list of more political Web sites.