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Polished WordPerfect released

Corel releases WordPerfect Suite 8, the latest upgrade to its office productivity software.

Corel released WordPerfect Suite 8 at PC Expo today, the latest upgrade to its office productivity software.

The newest addition to the suite is CorelCentral, a set of personal information utilities integrated with Netscape Communications' Communicator suite. Central will have email, an address book, a card file, discussion group threads, telephone and whiteboard conferencing, and a scheduler based on Starfish Software's Sidekick, which Corel integrated into version 7 of its suite.

The standard edition will include WordPerfect 8, QuattroPro 8, Presentations 8, CorelCentral, PhotoHouse 1.1, Netscape Navigator 3.0, the Envoy 7 viewer, 30-day Internet access, Bitstream Font Navigator 2, plus font, clip art, and photo libraries. Installation of CorelCentral will automatically upgrade the browser to Navigator 4.0.

The suite is priced at $395. Users of previous versions and competitive packages can upgrade for $179.