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Police drone captures illegal fliers in a literal dragnet (Tomorrow Daily 286)

Ashley discusses drones catching other drones like little kids catch butterflies and how, starting today, you can officially apply to be an NASA astronaut.

Police in Japan are beefing up security on specific government buildings, after a drone with radioactive materials onboard landed on the roof of the prime minister's house a few months ago. Their solution? Bigger drones hauling giant nets that can catch aerial trespassers. Before you ask, yes, seeing it in action is just as entertaining as the idea of it is.

Also, NASA's officially opening the application window for astronauts; if you think you've got what it takes, you can head over to the portal to check out the job requirements. Astronauts chosen in this round of hiring may get to take part in manned missions beyond the International Space Station in the years and decades to come, so if you do apply, we wish you luck!

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286: Police drone captures illegal fliers in a literal dragnet (Tomorrow Daily)

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