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Polaroid takes another shot at media players

This one does Wi-Fi streaming.

Shiny Shiny

Polaroid is one of those Old Economy companies (remember them?) that seems harder to figure out all the time. Buried long ago in the digital photo revolution, it's been dabbling in various products not exactly in its traditional wheelhouse ever since, such as DVD players and other technologies. But perhaps one of the most curious forays of all is its move into portable music devices.

In fact, Polaroid has been trying its hand in the MP3 market for years, from its eminently forgettable "Juke Jam PDP 600" in 2004 to various models in development shown at last year's CES. And now one of those new lines is finally hitting the market, and it actually has some interesting features.

The MPU-43315 has a 4.3-inch LCD and can stream music and videos through a Wi-Fi connection, according to Shiny Shiny. It also has 60GB of memory and a lithium battery that supposedly will play 4 hours of video and 16 of audio.

Crave MP3 expert Donald Bell wonders, quite logically, why they don't just add a camera to it for an added advantage. Then we could recommend bundling it with the Polaroid snapshot digital frame. Now that's something we'd buy.