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Polaroid 'Pixie' cam for kids is a gamer wannabe

It's shaped like a PlayStation controller and plays games too.


As we were noting the other day, Polaroid is still trying to find its way as it continues to experiment with various products not in its traditional portfolio. So it actually shouldn't be too surprising that its latest camera for kids appears to be some kind of gadget hybrid.

The "Pixie" is a 3-megapixel shooter with a 2.4-inch LCD, but it looks suspiciously like a PlayStation controller. In fact, it actually does include games that can be played using buttons made to resemble a game pad. Perhaps the most unusual feature, as Gizmodiva points out, is two binocular-style viewfinders that are presumably fitted for children to use.

And it would be another opportunity for a bundle with the Polaroid snapshot frame.