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Polaroid film returns, The Impossible Project succeeds

The Impossible Project has succeeded in reinventing instant film for Polaroid cameras.

The Impossible Project has succeeded in its quest to reinvent Polaroid film.

The Impossible Project PX 100 film
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The original manufacturers of Polaroid film ceased making instant film in 2008, which spurred the team behind The Impossible Project to recreate some of the most classic films for the company's cameras, including the famed SX-70 and the more common 600 series.

Currently available from the website are a variety of cameras and films, including new and refurbished Polaroid cameras. The new instant monochrome films, the PX 100 and PX 600 Silver Shade, will be available from 25 March in a limited edition "First Flush" release.

The Impossible Project is supported by Ilford Photo, one of the world's leading developers of black-and-white film. The first colour instant film from the Project is expected to be unveiled halfway through 2010.