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'Polaris' is our kind of snowmobile--by remote

Why risk injury and cold when you don't have to?


While the kids are having their fun in the snow this holiday season, you have a choice: You can either try to prove that you're still a teenager by piloting something like a "Hov Pod," or you can opt for an alternative that we advocate--one that involves far less risk of physical exertion: a remote-controlled snowmobile.

The "Polaris" can let you participate in winter's festivities without breaking a sweat. The little dynamo is equipped with "caterpillar-style track grips" and "thermoplastic material" that can withstand sub-zero temperatures, which is more than we can say for ourselves.

In fact, the best thing about this mini-mobile, in our view, is the fact that it doesn't need to be outside at all. The skis can be replaced with indoor runners that will make you the toast of the lodge's apres-ski party. Then all you'd need is the brandy snifter.