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Pokemon Sword and Shield gets $10 discount on launch day

Catch'em all for a lower price.

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Get more Pikachu for a lower price. 


Pokemon Sword and Shield comes out Friday and will introduce players to the eighth generation of Pokemon. Those trainers who want to save a few bucks can head to Walmart on launch day and get the game for $49.94

Nintendo games rarely go on sales the day of release, but Walmart has instituted a deal where the Japanese company's games receive a $10 discount. The catch: the deal is only available in-store and not online. This also means that supplies will be limited, and it's unclear whether Walmart will extend the deal.

Player will have a choice of either buying Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield for $49.94 or buy the two-pack for $99.88. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield takes place in the Galar region and will have a new set of Pokemon for players to catch. Reviews for the game have been mostly positive with GameSpot giving the game a 9/10

Even with the positive reviews, some Pokemon fans are upset at developer Game Freak. In June, the developer said the new game wouldn't include all the Pokemon from previous games because they were redoing all the game's assets from scratch. However, data miners dove into the game's files and some suggested this might not be true. A Reddit thread on the Pokemon subreddit on Wednesday prompted the hashtag #GameFreakLied, which began trending on Twitter.