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Screenshots by Rebecca Fleenor/CNET

Pokemon Go is taking over Spotify too

Spotify listeners are streaming three times as much Pokemon-related music to fuel their marathons of the wildly popular new mobile game.

Everyone addicted to Pokemon Go can't stop streaming its cartoon tunes on Spotify as the soundtrack.

Overall streams of Pokemon songs have more than tripled in the past week, the streaming service said Monday. The Pokemon theme "Gotta Catch 'Em All" has seen streams jump even more: 362 percent globally in the week ended Sunday compared with the week earlier.

Augmented-reality mobile game Pokemon Go has rocketed to a phenomenon since launching Wednesday. Data researcher SimilarWeb estimated 3 percent of people in the US with Android devices are using it, putting Pokemon Go neck and neck with Twitter usage within a few days.

On Spotify, users have generated 197,000 Pokemon playlists, another 53,000 are simply titled "Pikachu." The top five most-streamed tracks on Spotify were:

  1. Pokemon Theme
  2. Pokerap
  3. Pokemon Johto
  4. Go Pokemon Go
  5. I Want to Be a Hero