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Pokemon on the moon: GIFs drop Pikachu into history

Did you know Pokemon were on hand when the Berlin Wall fell and President Obama gave his 2008 victory speech? These "historical" photos prove it.

With Pokemon Go getting so much hype, I decided to have a little fun with a Pokemon through history. I've only posted some of the "historical" GIFs I made here, but head over to CNET's Tumblr page to see the rest of the historical events Pikachu has crashed.

By the way, I love seeing Pokemon involved in major world happenings, so I'll keep making these as long as people are playing.

It looks like I might be doing it for a while. The augmented-reality game has so far been downloaded 75 million times.

GIF by Jason Parker/CNET
GIF by Jason Parker/CNET
GIF by Jason Parker/CNET