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Pokemon Go will now let you walk the world with Pikachu

The new Buddy feature lets you take any of your favorite Pokemon out of their Pokeball and walk around in-game with your trainer avatar.

Do you want that Ash Ketchum lifestyle of always having Pikachu by your side? Pokemon Go is letting you have just that.

On Friday, game developer Niantic said a new Buddy feature will let players select their favorite Pokemon to walk alongside them within the game.

"Unique in-game rewards and experiences" will unlock once your creature is walking with you, Niantic said, including earning Candy for going on the journey together (as opposed to trading Pokemon away forever to get Candy).

Players will also be able to change their Buddy Pokemon at any time, so you can give both your Snorlax and Psyduck a walk whenever you want.

This official announcement comes two days after players reportedly mined the game's code, uncovering details about the feature. It is also the latest feature to be added since the "Appraise" option was added in August, allowing a player's team leader to offer advice about the creatures they have caught.

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