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Pokemon Go to add PVP mode by end of year

The hugely popular AR game will add competitive multiplayer and update its "friendship" features.


Pokemon Go players, updates are coming.


The insanely popular mobile game of 2016, Pokemon Go, will get a much anticipated feature by the end of the year.

As reported by the Polish news site Gram, Niantic's head of marketing for the European, Middle Eastern and African regions, Anne Beuttenmüller, gave a Q&A about the software company's future plans. In addition to adding a player-vs-player mode by the end of 2018, she said users will have the ability to separate their friends list and add notes.

Beuttenmüller also said that while Niantic will certainly add new Pokemon to the game, she had no comment as to when.  

Earlier in June, Niantic confirmed users will be able to trade Pokemon between friends by the end of this summer as well.

Combining digitally animated creatures from the anime "Pokemon" with real-world settings from your phone's camera, Pokemon Go became one of the biggest mobile games and global cultural phenomenons of 2016. The game broke numerous records during its launch (including the most revenue grossed and most downloaded game in its first month) and a year after it launched, it still garnered about 60 million monthly users.

Niantic declined a request to comment.

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