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Pokemon Go player detained after wandering into military base

The 27-year-old man was later released when it became clear he had entered the Indonesian military complex unintentionally, while hunting for Pokemon.

A man was detained for trespassing onto an Indonesian military base while playing Pokemon Go, The Guardian reports.

In the latest alarming scenario to arise from the popularity of Pokemon Go -- the mobile phone game which sees players hunting for collectible beasts in real-world locations using their phone's GPS -- the 27-year-old Frenchman was stopped by authorities on Monday night having wandered onto the base.

After initially running away when challenged by guards, the man was caught at a checkpoint, but was let go a few hours later when it became apparent he had unintentionally entered the complex while jogging and playing the game.

Pokemon Go's global rollout continues, although as we've previously reported, the game is working in Indonesia despite not having officially launched there yet. Meanwhile the game's launch in France has been delayed as a "sign of respect" following the terror attack in Nice last week.

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