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Josh Miller/CNET

Pokemon Go officially arrives in the UK on iOS and Android

The augmented-reality Pokemon game taking the US and Australia by storm is out now for UK iPhones and Android phones.

Go catch 'em all -- Pokemon Go is finally available in the UK on iOS and Android. The game launched earlier this month in Australia and the US, and has already created something of a frenzy among Pokemon fans.

While it's been possible to get the game in the UK by unofficial means, today is the first time the game has been available to download from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

The game, which is free to download, displays virtual Pokemon on a map of the real world, using what's called augmented reality. Your job then is to catch the critters -- you see them in the real world, using your phone's camera -- and battle them against others in nearby "gyms".

Excuse me now while I do absolutely no more work today.

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