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Pokemon Go is Nintendo's first augmented-reality mobile game (Tomorrow Daily 240)

Khail and Ashley get excited about Nintendo's first official mobile game, discuss the high price of the GoPro Odyssey VR rig and explain how lasers might be used to slow down asteroids in space.

We're already excited about Nintendo's first mobile game Pokemon Go, an augmented-reality app tied to the popular franchise. Even though it's not due to release until next year (2016), people are already buzzing about it, since it will be the first foray into the free-to-play, mobile gaming space for Nintendo. Judging from the trailer, it looks like users will be able to capture, trade, battle and even cooperate with large groups to defeat rarer creatures from the game.

GoPro finally released footage from their Odyssey VR rig (the carousel-looking device with 16 GoPros mounted on it), and it looks good. The only problems are availability, as the Odyssey will be offered to pre-ordained creators at first, and the price, which clocks in at a whopping $15,000. We're not sure who the market is for this particular setup, but we do know Hollywood in general is eyeing VR and wondering if it can make a long-lasting splash in the entertainment business.

NASA's plan to send a specially designed craft off world to pluck an asteroid out of space seems far fetched, especially considering the craft isn't made to stop a spinning rock (which many asteroids are). Fortunately, a team at University of California, Santa Barbara, is testing out a way to stop asteroids from rotating with a solution that's decidedly science fiction: lasers.

We've got some very important news at the end of today's show, too -- don't miss it!

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240: 'Pokémon Go' is Nintendo's first augmented reality mobile game

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