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Pokemon Go: How long do you think it will last?

How much longer can Pokemon madness last? In an informal poll, we asked, and you answered.

It's safe to assume that a fair number of CNET readers have been swept up in the frenzy that is Pokemon Go. But how do they feel about the longevity of Poke-madness, and the app itself? We asked our Twitter audience four questions, and want to hear from you as well!

To see the full poll results, click on the individual tweets. To try the survey yourself, scroll down to the bottom.

How long will Pokemon Go last?

Most readers think the frenzy will last a month or more, which on a worldwide scale is definitely possible, given that Go has only just launched in its first European market.

Which would you give up first?

Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Go binge sessions haven't reached Netflix levels of popularity yet, but that's not saying much: twice as many of our pollsters would abandon HBO before Netflix, despite the immense power of "Game of Thrones."

What is the most useless Pokemon you've caught?

It's hard out there for Rattatas.

How would you rate your experience with Pokemon Go?

In spite of a solid number of individuals still waiting for access, there have been more positive than negative experiences with Go.

Want to add your voice to the fray? Then join the squad with the survey below.