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Pokemon Go north: Phenomenon launches in Canada

After arriving in 26 countries over the weekend, the gaming phenomenon has hit America's neighbours in the north.

Josh Miller/CNET

Much of the world has waited impatiently for Pokemon Go as people in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand got swept up in the augmented-reality craze. Now, Canadians can finally get in on the action.

The incredibly popular iOS and Android game landed in Canada on Sunday, a tweet from Pokemon Go's official Twitter account said. The Canadian launch comes after the game was released in 26 countries over the weekend. Most of these, such as Sweden, Hungary and Ireland, were in Europe.

Despite a false start or two, Pokemon Go has yet to surface in Asia, not even in publisher Nintendo's home country of Japan -- though that hasn't stopped intrepid Pokemon trainers in Indonesia.

It's definitely coming though. Following the game's debut in Italy, Spain and Portugal last week, John Hanke, CEO of Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs, said he hoped it would soon be available in 200 markets.

If you're in an eligible country and have yet to take the Pokeplunge, CNET has a comprehensive guide for any question a Pokemaster-to-be could have.