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Pokemon Go is go in Europe, officially launching in Germany

European Pokemon fans have been playing the game unofficially, until now.

Pokemon Go has been a worldwide hit.


The whole world seems to have gone nuts for Pokemon Go, but if you're in Europe you haven't been able to officially play the hit mobile game -- until now. It's available in Germany on iPhone and Android, with other countries to follow.

European players have been playing the game, but it required jumping through the hoops of setting up a US iTunes account to play unofficially, or loading the files required onto an Android phone from a PC.

The game was first launched in the US, Australia and New Zealand and was an instant hit. Because the game involves venturing into the real world to hunt Pokemon, there have already been some strange stories involving the game, including robbers luring unsuspecting gamers with promises of Poke prizes and a fan who delayed treatment for a stab wound so he could continue playing. The game has also drawn criticism for its privacy policy and for annoying server outages.

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