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Pokemon Go celebrates Halloween in first-ever in-game event

Doubling up on "candy" from October 26 to November 1? That's definitely "treat."

Mark Licea/CNET

While the trick-or-treaters among you are out bagging real candy, you can also stock up on candy for your Pokemon. The popular mobile AR game Pokemon Go has announced its first in-game event. From October 26 to November 1, catching, hatching or transferring Pokemon will earn you double the amount of candy.

This is the first in-game event for Pokemon Go, the which captured 55 million mobile users after its summer release before rapidly beginning to decline. Game-maker Niantic has continued to grow the game, introducing the Buddy system and even releasing its own wearable device, the Pokemon Go Plus. The game is also expected to come to wearable devices like Android watches.

In addition to the extra candy, certain ghost, poison and psychic type Pokemon -- like Ghastly and Drowzee -- will appear more often. Niantic, the company behind the app, claims that training your Buddy Pokemon (a digital companion) will get you four times the amount of candy. You can use the hash tag #PokemonHalloween to join in the fun.