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Pokemon Go gym training is about to get easier

Niantic on Thursday announced yet another update, making gyms more friendly for beginners.

Screenshot by CNET/Seamus Byrne

Pokemon Go's hype train may be slowing down, but its developers sure aren't.

Niantic announced in a Thursday blog post that a new update will make Pokemon Go's gyms more beginner-friendly. Players currently can only bring one Pokemon to a friendly gym for training, but soon they'll be able to bring six, making gym training much easier.

Additionally, the CP (combat power) of the Pokemon at the gym can be lowered to your level, making for more balanced battles. "No matter what your level, you can now have an impact on your team's gym," the post reads.

It comes a day after Niantic revealed another upcoming update, which will make catching Pokemon easier. Players get medals for catching multiple of the same Pokemon type (10 fighting Pokemon, for instance) -- once the update rolls out, these medals will boost your odds of catching Pokemon of the corresponding type.

Since launching in early July, Pokemon Go has made over $440 million, and has been downloaded more than 500 million times. The game was the top grossing app in the US app store for 74 days, its streak ending last month.