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Pokemon Go and 'Plus' wearable coming next month

Nintendo announced a July release window for the game at E3, adding that a $35 wristband accessory will be available for Pokemaniacs to purchase.


Pokemon Go could be the game that Pokemaniacs have dreamed of for years -- and it's coming out next month, reports Gamespot.

The iOS and Android title brings Pokemon into AR (augmented reality). Once the free app has been downloaded, your smartphone will buzz if one of the catchable critters is around. The Pokemon will be overlaid atop the real world on your screen, with you having to flick a Pokeball to catch them.

Nintendo announced the news at E3 2016, where it also revealed that a wristband accessory, the Pokemon Go Plus, will be sold for $35 (which converts roughly to £35 and AU$50). The Go Plus allows you to catch Pokemon without opening up your smartphone.

Announced last September, Pokemon Go will be Nintendo's second game for iOS and Android, following the social app Miitomo. The company has also announced mobile games for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.