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Social Cues: Pokemon Go buddies up, Twitter fetes Roald Dahl

Also, "Mad Max: Fury Road" finds its moment on social media again -- no special effects needed.

This is Social Cues, a daily feature where we sift through the morning's trending topics on Facebook and Twitter so you don't have to. Here is what's buzzing around social media on Tuesday.


In Pokemon Go's latest update, Pikachu will sit on your shoulder.

ZenonCrow via Reddit

Pokemon Go: The latest update to Niantic's cultural phenomenon begins its rollout. Players will be able to use Pokemon Go's much-anticipated Buddy system, which lets you choose any of your virtual pocket monsters to walk side by side with you and makes it easier for you to evolve. Social media is buzzing over an Easter egg that shows up if you choose Pikachu as your Buddy Pokemon: The electric mouse will jump on your avatar's shoulder after you walk at least 10 kilometers, or 6.2 miles. CNET has an extensive guide to the new update, which you can check out here. The update also adds Pokemon Go Plus support and seeks to block out cheaters, such as one of CNET's own writers. (Sorry, Seamus!)


Twitter celebrates what would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday with a big, friendly, giant tribute.

Walt Disney Pictures

Roald Dahl Day: Twitter marks the 100th birthday of the late children's author on Tuesday. Whether it's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "The BFG" or "Matilda," the British writer lives on in his memorable stories. Here's a giant peach to you, Mr. Dahl!

Ryan Lochte: This time, the attack on the Olympic swimmer was real. After Lochte's debut performance on "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday night, two men in anti-Lochte shirts rushed the stage and apparently tried to throw something at the athlete. There were no injuries, and the two men were charged with criminal trespassing. The 12-time Olympic medalist has been in hot water following a fiasco at the Rio Olympics, where he was caught lying about being robbed at gunpoint. It's unclear whether the stage rushing was related to the Olympic incident.

"Mad Max: Fury Road": There's a reason this blockbuster won the most Oscars in 2016, a majority of which were for its stunning visuals. A video showing Max Max: Fury Road without any special effects or CGI is the talk of Facebook on Tuesday morning. The video, posted September 8, shows unedited clips of the wild car chases, stunts and explosions from the movie, no special effects needed. It's no wonder the footage went viral.

Tupac Shakur: Twenty years after the death of the California rapper, Shakur's fans are still mourning the loss. A pop-up restaurant in Fresno, California, is opening Tuesday in memory of the artist, based on the "Powamekka Cafe" vision he had for a music-themed eatery. Twitter remembers the rapper, who died in a drive-by shooting, as one of the greatest of all time, memorializing him through his lyrics and quotes.