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Pokemon Go adds Brock, Misty outfits to celebrate Let's Go on Nintendo Switch

Get that Kanto gym leader style in the mobile game.


Rock or water? You can represent the style of Kanto's first two gyms in Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Let's Go is taking us on a nostalgic trip back to the Kanto region on Nintendo Switch, and its mobile sibling is paying tribute to the game's first two bosses.

You can now dress up your Pokemon Go avatar as Brock or Misty, the gym leaders you'll encounter first in Let's Go (which is a loose remake of Game Boy's Pokemon Yellow).

"In celebration of the arrival of #PokemonLetsGo, avatar items inspired by familiar Gym Leaders from the Kanto region are now available for purchase in the Style Shop," the augmented-reality game's official account tweeted Wednesday. "Do you know who these avatar items are inspired by?"

Brock's outfit consists of his jacket (300 coins), trousers (250 coins) and climbing shoes (150 coins), while Misty's includes her tank top (200 coins), shorts (200 coins) and sneakers (150 coins).

Respectively, that'd be $6.50 and $5 in real money, but patient players can earn them by defending in gyms (which seems thematically appropriate). Brock's items are only available for male avatars and Misty's for females, but you can instantly change genders in game.

We've asked Niantic if it'll be adding any more classic characters' outfits, mostly in the hopes it'll let us dress like Gary Oak or the Elite Four's Lance.

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Pokemon Go, which came out in July 2016, recently added the Adventure Sync feature to let you accumulate movement bonuses even if the mobile app is off, after taking a jump in popularity over the summer.

It grossed almost $85 million in September, according to Sensor Tower, when it also hit $2 billion in in-app purchases.

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