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Pokemon gets political: Two candidates to duke it out in Pokemon Go challenge

Politics in America are as controversial as ever. Two San Francisco-based candidates are trying to make things simpler. With Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has this week invaded Google accounts, Europe and, above all, our hearts. Now, Pokemon is taking over politics.

On Wednesday, Jane Kim, a San Francisco-based hopeful for the state Senate, issued a Pokemon Go "challenge" to competing candidate Scott Wiener over Twitter. Wiener, apparently a confident trainer himself, accepted.

The details of the challenge, initially reported by the San Francisco Examiner, aren't known. There's currently no function in the iOS and Android game that allows players to battle each other, although there is combat in the form of gym showdowns.

But if this leads to a future where government officials are elected via Pokemon battle, then we at CNET wholeheartedly endorse it.