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Pokemon's Eevee coming to Build-a-Bear

Build-a-Bear used Eevee! It's super effective!


Everyone's favourite foxy multi-evolution Pokemon will soon be available for Pokemon trainers alongside electro-mouse Pikachu at Build-A-Bear.

Eevee will be available online and in stores across the US, Canada and the UK. If you want to gussy your plush Pokemon up a bit, you can also grab a sleeper suit for $12.50.

Online shoppers can get the full Eevee experience for $62 (converts to roughly £45, AU$80), with the 14-inch plush, an online-only faux fur-trimmed cape, an online-only sound chip (see if you can guess what it says), the sleeper suit and a Build-A-Bear exclusive Pokemon TCG card, which will also come with the Eevees sold in Build-A-Bear stores.