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Pikachus turn the tables and throw Pokeballs at Go players for 'prank'

It's actually an advertisement for the city of Basel in Switzerland -- but you'll wish it was real.

Since launching just over a month ago, over 75 million people have started catching and training in Pokemon Go. Now, the Pokemon are striking back.

A new "prank" video shows a gang of youths dressed in Pikachu onesies catapulting giant, blow-up Pokeballs at unsuspecting civilians. It's a right laugh.

But it's actually not a prank video, it's an advertisement for the Swiss city of Basel. In the clip, you'll see Pikachus chasing down Go players in scenic Basel streets, with shots of pretty fountains, friendly folk (who can take a Pokeball to the face and still be cool) and one picturesque river.

It's one of the best uses of Pokemon Go as a means for advertising we've seen since businesses and PR companies started jumping on the Pokemon bandwagon a month ago.