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PointCast will plug in to Navigator

Netscape and Pointcast have teamed up to market a plug-in version of the Pointcast Network custom news service.

Netscape Communications and PointCast this week announced as expected plans to co-market a Navigator plug-in version of the PointCast Network (PCN) news distribution software.

PointCast says it will deliver next week the final version of its PCN 1.0 software, a combination browser and screensaver that allows users to receive a customized "broadcast" of news, stock, and weather information. The new PCN client can also be used as a Navigator plug-in. The release will be available for free downloading from the company's Web site.

This summer, Netscape will reciprocate by becoming a "channel" or information category on PCN. The company will broadcast press releases and the latest version of its browser on its PCN channel.

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