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Podcast: Video tutoring for high-schoolers offers entertaining video instruction classes and SAT preparation for high-schoolers.

When I think way back to my high school days, I can count on one hand the teachers who were inspiring or, at the very least, compelling. But what if teens from anywhere could access some of the best, brightest, and most entertaining teachers to help them brush up on a wide variety of subjects?

That's the idea behind Brightstorm, a Web service that recruits teachers to appear in instructional videos aimed at high school students. Subject matters include geometry, algebra, writing, U.S. history, and, of course, SAT preparation.

From the few courses I sampled, it definitely appears as if teachers are a lot more interesting and energetic than the ones I had to deal with back in the Stone Age.

Larry Magid talks with Brightstorm CEO Jeff Marshall about the company's classes.