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Podcast: Talking the Pre with Palm CEO

Larry Magid interviews Ed Colligan, the CEO of Palm, on the introduction of Palm's new smartphone and mobile operating system.

LAS VEGAS--Palm, the pioneer in personal digital assistants and the developer of the once popular Treo smartphone, has fallen behind Apple and Research in Motion in recent years. But its new product, the Palm Pre, could bring the company back to life.

The new phone, introduced Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show, is at first glance extremely impressive. Like the iPhone, it features a touch screen with a multitouch interface that lets you move from screen to screen by flicking your finger, or zoom into a picture or Web page by pinching. But it also has a pull-out keyboard. And instead of having to synchronize it with a personal computer, it will sync over the air with your existing contacts and calendars at Google, Yahoo, and even social-networking sites like Facebook. Palm says that developers can create programs for the Pre with common tools used by most Web developers. The phone, which will run exclusively on the Sprint network, will come out later this year. Pricing has not been announced.

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