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Podcast: Iomega's terabyte home storage play

At CES, Iomega shows off a network-attached hard drive that can hook up to a PC, Mac, PS3, or Xbox 360.

LAS VEGAS--Iomega, which, with its Zip drive, once practically had the monopoly on portable storage, now has plenty of competition. But it's not sitting still.

At the Consumer Electronics Show here, Iomega showed off a network-attached hard drive that sells for $159 for a 500GB version, or $229 for a one terabyte version. Once attached to a home router, the network drive can be accessed by PCs, Macs, PlayStation 3s, and Xbox 360s. In addition to regular data, it can, of course, store media files that can be played by any of those devices.

Iomega's Bill Hansen talks about the drive with Larry Magid in this podcast.

Listen now: Download this podcast

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