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PocketDock brings line-out, mini-USB to iPhone

Though no larger than a standard iPod plug, the PocketDock adds a line-out jack for high-fidelity stereo connections and a mini-USB jack for easier syncing and charging.

The PocketDock adds line-out and mini-USB connectors to your iPhone or iPod. SendStation

The SendStation PocketDock Line Out Mini USB solves two problems--both of which you can probably guess from the name. First, it adds a line-out jack to your iPhone (or nearly any iPod model).

What's the big deal about line-out? Well, if you're plugging your device into, say, a home or car stereo, the headphone jack just doesn't cut it. It's not sufficiently amplified, and it doesn't deliver quite the same audio fidelity.

Second, the PocketDock supplies a mini-USB port, meaning you can use any industry-standard mini-USB cable to charge and sync your iPhone (and at the same time you're using the line-out jack).

The little gizmo has other perks as well. According to SendStation, the line-out jack consumes a bit less battery power than the headphone jack, so you might get a little extra playtime.

Also, the PocketDock comes with a pair of audio cables: one mini-to-mini (also known as a patch cable) and one mini-to-RCA, the latter for plugging into a stereo's composite-audio jacks.

I'm not sure all that helps justify the PocketDock's $29.95 price tag, which strikes me as steep for such a small piece of hardware (it's no larger than the iPod end of Apple's stock USB cable). But I sure wouldn't mind owning one.

What do you think? Is this something you'd buy? If you agree with me that it's overpriced, what's a fair price? Share your thoughts in the comments.