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Pocket TV gives some lip of its own

Japanese invention will talk to you.

Akihabara News

As if incessant infomercials and volume-blasting deodorant ads aren't enough, now there's a handheld TV from Japan that will talk to us all on its own. An unholy alliance of toy giant Takara Tomy and a company called E-Revolutiona has produced a pocket TV dubbed "Segnity" that has some mysterious "talking abilities" along with its 2.7-inch QVGA screen and 1Seg TV tuner.

Akihabara News speculates that it will say something like "Are you leaving already?" when it's being turned off, but that could be only the beginning. If U.S. companies ever get into this act, you can surely expect more commercials or other irritating messages. And if you find yourself engaging in conversations with it, we suggest counseling.