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Pocket Spotlight, for better photography lighting

This pocket-size LED lighting system for smartphones and cameras provides a softer and more flattering quality of light.


Smartphones can take great photos, but we all know the on-board flash can produce harsh and ugly shadows.

Well, the Pocket Spotlight is an accessory that not only provides a softer and more flattering quality of light, but also lets you adjust how the light falls on your subjects before image capture.

The Pocket Spotlight consists of a bank of LEDs that's capable of generating a continuous stream of light for up to one hour on a fully charged battery.

No larger than a matchbox, the device is highly portable and can be recharged via USB. Users can even pair the LED light with color filters for other creative purposes or to correct color casts.

Besides being compatible with smartphones and tablets, the Pocket Spotlight can also be mounted on a camera's hot shoe.

Available on the Photojojo Web site, the Pocket Spotlight retails for $30 for the lighting unit alone, and for $40 with a pack of color filters.


(Source: Crave Asia)